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F1 News: Nico Hulkenberg "Frustrated And Disappointed" After Bad Luck In Bahrain

Nico Hulkenberg's race in Bahrain was marred by early contact, but the German driver sees potential for improvement.

Nico Hulkenberg expressed his frustration and disappointment after a challenging Bahrain Grand Prix, where an early incident relegated him to a 16th-place finish. The German driver faced adversity from the outset, impacting his race strategy and outcome.

Key takeaways:

  • Nico Hulkenberg's race was compromised early on after contact with Lance Stroll's Aston Martin at Turn 1, necessitating an unscheduled pit stop for repairs and a change to hard tires, which left him out of sequence with the rest of the field.
  • Despite the setback, Hulkenberg highlighted the positive aspects of the race, noting reasonable race pace and tire degradation when compared to other midfield teams, indicating a competitive edge for future races.
  • Hulkenberg remains optimistic about the upcoming race in Jeddah, citing a better foundation and the potential for improvement based on the team's performance and learnings from Bahrain.
haas f1 team nico hulkemberg

Nico Hulkenberg's return to the Bahrain International Circuit for the opening round of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship was met with early disappointment. Starting in a promising P10, Hulkenberg's aspirations for a strong season opener were dashed following a first-lap incident with Lance Stroll.

"It's very frustrating and disappointing, and it was a very similar scenario to last year into Turn 4 at the start," Hulkenberg recounted. 

The German's race strategy was severely affected, forcing him into a recovery mode that ultimately saw him cross the finish line in 16th position. Despite the early setback, Hulkenberg found solace in the competitive pace shown by the Haas VF-24, particularly in the midfield battle. 

"On a positive note, our race pace and tire degradation looked pretty reasonable compared to the other midfield runners, and I think we're fighting Williams, Sauber and RB, so I guess we take that as a positive," he said. 

It would be fair to expect Haas to be a contender in the mid-field with them looking to be getting over their high tyre degradation issues that hindered them last year. 

Looking ahead, the experienced driver is focused on the next race in Jeddah, drawing on the positives from Bahrain to build momentum. 

"Jeddah is obviously a very different circuit with completely different characteristics, so we'll see what we get there but it feels like we have a much better foundation to work with compared to last year," he explained. 

Despite the disappointment in Bahrain, the team's pace signals a promising outlook for future races.