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F1 News: Red Bull Title Sponsor Begins Work With Tesla Cybertruck

Whoever imagined Oracle to make a Tesla Cybertruck for the police force?

Red Bull title sponsor Oracle's co-founder Larry Ellison, who is also a former Tesla board member has teased the Tesla Cybertruck as a next-generation police vehicle at the company's CloudWorld 2023 conference in Las Vegas on September 20. 

Red Bull

As he spoke on the stage, the screen behind him displayed a rendering of a Tesla Cybertruck in a police avatar with a bull bar, sirens, emergency light, and of course, the Oracle livery. Ellison revealed that his favorite car is coming out very soon. He said:

"Our next-generation police car is coming out very soon. It's my favorite police car; it's my favorite car actually. It's Elon Musk's favorite car. It's incredible. I know too much about it, some of it is still to disclosed.

"Among other things, it's very safe, very fast, it's got a stainless steel body, and we don't have to add a screen or cameras to it because we can actually use their existing cameras and existing screen to put our application on it."

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Oracle has already been supplying cloud solutions to law enforcement agencies. Developing the next-generation police car for them would be an additional step in the same direction. 

Ellison also revealed a 'never to fail' new first responder system from Oracle, which uses satellite and terrestrial technologies that work simultaneously and back each other up to maintain a reliable mobile network that "will never fail."

Elon Musk had once revealed that Cybertruck cruisers "will be next level." Now though, Ellison backs up his claims since he feels the same too. The vehicle has several strong points that qualify it to become a police cruiser. 

An extremely tough exterior, high towing and hauling capability, practicality in daily application with sufficient space inside, and a potent performance on and off the road make this an ideal police vehicle. However, Oracle is yet to reveal its price as the project still seems like it has several steps to take toward completion.

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