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F1 Rumour: Carlos Sainz Entered Negotiations For 2025 Seat With Top Team In Saudi Arabia

Carlos Sainz's management is said to have begun negotiations for a 2025 seat.

In the backdrop of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz's team reportedly engaged in discussions about a potential shift to Mercedes for the 2025 season, despite Sainz's recovery from surgery. Sainz made an appearance to support his team while discussions unfolded within Mercedes' hospitality suite, according to Italian media outlet Corriere dello Sport.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carlos Sainz's team engaged in negotiations with Mercedes during the Saudi Arabian GP, hinting at a possible move for Sainz in 2025.
  • The discussions were prompted by Lewis Hamilton's surprising transfer to Ferrari, leaving a vacancy at Mercedes.
  • Sainz, whose contract with Ferrari concludes this season to make way for Hamilton, is considered a strong contender for Hamilton's seat at Mercedes.
Carlos Sainz - Ferrari

Ferrari Press Image

While Carlos Sainz was sidelined at the Jeddah circuit due to emergency surgery, his presence was nonetheless impactful as his team engaged in significant discussions with Mercedes. The backdrop of Lewis Hamilton's unexpected move to Ferrari has left a vacancy at Mercedes, placing Sainz in the spotlight as a potential candidate for the 2025 season.

The Italian publication, Corriere dello Sport, reported that:

"During the Saudi Arabian GP the entire entourage of Carlos Sainz remained in the Mercedes hospitality for a long time. Sainz Jr’s contract with Ferrari expires at the end of the season, and for this reason his manager Carlos Onorio, together with the driver’s father Carlos Sainz Snr spoke at length with Toto Wolff." 

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The report further stated:

"The negotiations have begun."

Toto Wolff - Mercedes

Mercedes Press Image

Despite the speculation, Carlos Sainz has kept the details of his potential team discussions under wraps. He did, however, outline his priorities for his next F1 contract, stating:

“[I am] looking for a project first that allows me to win and be performing as soon as possible.

“But also for sure looking at stability and how important stability is in a project in the medium to long term. To build a strong team and a team to understand the driver and the driver to understand the team.

“So with those two things in mind and those two things that you need to put into the equation, I will take my decision, taking my time accordingly.”

Sainz also addressed his father's interactions with various team bosses, suggesting that such meetings are not out of the ordinary. 

“If you saw my dad went to say hello to Helmut Marko you need to remember he has a great relationship with him in the same way we have a good relationship with Toto.

“With everyone in the grid it is normal at this stage of the year. But also, we haven’t seen each other for three or four months or so you’re going say hello to each other.”

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