F1 News: Japanese GP Weather Forecast Hints At Rain-Soaked Mayhem

The current weather forecast for the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix.
Ferrari - Japanese GP
Ferrari - Japanese GP / Ferrari Press Image

The weather forecast for the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix, scheduled for the end of this week, hints at a rain-soaked race at the iconic Suzuka.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Suzuka Circuit is set for variable weather conditions, with a notable chance of rain affecting practice sessions, qualifying, and race day.
  • Temperatures over the weekend are expected to be on the cooler side, potentially influencing tyre performance and race strategies.
  • A 60% probability of rain on race day suggests that teams and drivers must be prepared for a challenging and unpredictable grand prix.
Ferrari - Japanese GP
Ferrari - Japanese GP / Ferrari Press Image

The Suzuka Circuit is set to host the fourth round of the 2024 season from April 5-7. The race, now much earlier in the season due to the sport aiming for the calendar to be more geographically efficient, has often had heavy rainfall during races. However, it was anticipated that this would not be the case in 2024 due to the schedule change. Here is what the weather forecast currently predicts, according to Weather.com:

Friday 5 April - Free Practice 1 & 2

The practice sessions on Friday are expected to experience mostly cloudy skies, with a 40% likelihood of rain and temperatures peaking at a cool 15°C, dropping to 9°C by nightfall.

Saturday 6 April - Free Practice 3 & Qualifying

As the weekend progresses, similar conditions are anticipated for Saturday's activities, including the final practice and the all-important qualifying session. The chance of precipitation remains at 40%, with daytime temperatures slightly higher at 16°C.

Sunday 7 April - Grand Prix

However, it's Sunday's race day that holds the most intrigue. The probability of rain increases to 60%, coupled with slightly warmer conditions with a high of 17°C. This heightened chance of wet weather not only adds an element of unpredictability to the race but also demands a strategic rethink from the teams. Tyre choices, pit stop timings, and driving tactics will all be influenced by the climatic conditions, setting the stage for what could be an enthralling showdown at one of F1's most esteemed circuits.

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