Red Bull F1 News: Adrian Newey Exit Talks Have Commenced According to Report

Adrian Newey is reportedly considering a departure from Red Bull Racing amid internal tensions.
Adrian Newey
Adrian Newey / Red Bull Content Pool

Talks of Adrian Newey's potential exit from Red Bull Racing have commenced, according to a report from GP Blog. Speculations hint at strained relations within the team's hierarchy potentially influencing his decisions.

Adrian Newey, the mastermind contributing to Red Bull Racing's multiple championship-winning cars, is reportedly considering parting ways with the powerhouse Formula 1 team. This development comes amid behind-the-scenes discussions about his future and contract renegotiations, with his current terms set to expire at the end of the 2025 season.

Newey's departure would mark the end of a prolific era for Red Bull Racing, having been a crucial part of the team's success since joining in 2006. Under his design leadership, the team clinched four consecutive constructors' titles from 2010 to 2013 and has remained a dominant force in the sport.

Currently, Red Bull wishes for Newey to fulfill his remaining contract, which could keep him with the team until the close of the 2025 season. However, should Newey decide to move on, any transition to a new team could be delayed until 2027 due to typical F1 non-compete clauses, often referred to as 'gardening leave.'

Sources close to the team suggest that a key factor driving Newey's considerations is a reportedly strained relationship with team principal Christian Horner. Recent months have seen Horner under scrutiny due to ongoing allegations of inappropriate behavior, contributing to a tense atmosphere within the team's hierarchy.

While details regarding Newey's potential exit are still emerging, he is expected to be present at the upcoming Miami Grand Prix, signaling that his immediate commitments to the team remain unaffected.

This situation could also have broader implications for Red Bull Racing, particularly concerning the future of three-time champion Max Verstappen.

As the F1 community awaits further developments, the potential departure of Adrian Newey from Red Bull Racing will undoubtedly remain a point of keen interest and speculation.

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