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Kazuchika Okada Joins AEW

Okada is now full-time with AEW

Kazuchika Okada is All Elite.

A longtime staple of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Okada appeared on tonight’s Dynamite as a member of the AEW roster. While it initially appeared he arrived to defend Eddie Kingston against The Young Bucks, Okada instead laid out Kingston.

Okada joining the Bucks in The Elite is a phenomenal way to start his run in AEW. The Bucks are tremendous villains, and they know how to evoke emotion from a crowd. They can help Okada instantly connect with the fan base, which will be further strengthened by their in-ring chemistry as all three are superb wrestlers. Plus, Okada and the Bucks share a genuine friendship, so there is a real-life aspect to this on-screen pairing.

If Okada challenges Eddie Kingston for the triple crown title, it would be a great way to cover Okada in gold before he pursues the world title. As a heel, the possibility exists that he could work a program with Kenny Omega, who would be the babyface for the first time in his long rivalry against Okada.

While Okada choosing AEW over WWE was not too great a surprise–AEW CEO Tony Khan has no issue with Okada still living in Japan, while he would have had to relocate to Florida had he signed with WWE–a heel turn was unexpected.

AEW’s momentum continues to build, especially with the addition of Okada.