Roxanne Perez on Jordynne Grace: ‘I’d Love to Wrestle Her in TNA’

Perez defends the NXT women’s championship against TNA’s Jordynne Grace at Battleground

A new element will be on display at NXT Battleground.

WWE is opening their version of the forbidden door between professional wrestling companies.

Roxanne Perez
Roxanne Perez / WWE

This takes place tonight when NXT women’s champion Roxanne Perez defends her title against TNA star Jordynne Grace. The reigning TNA Knockouts Champion, Grace will look to add to her collection of gold by dethroning Perez.

For Perez, who is 22-year-old Carla Gonzalez, this is another opportunity to prove why she is the future of WWE–and the present in NXT.

“Shawn Michaels has this trust in me, and it means so much,” said Perez. “It’s so insane to me, but it proves all the hard work is worth it. I’ve been doing this for about nine years. My journey happened the way it’s supposed to happen, and now I get to make history with the NXT-TNA crossover.”

The future of the working relationship between NXT and TNA should begin to reveal itself at Battleground. If all goes well, there will be a rematch between Grace and Perez in TNA.

Jordynne Grace and Roxanne Perez
Jordynne Grace and Roxanne Perez / NXT

“I’ve wanted to cross paths with Jordynne Grace since I was on the independents,” said Perez. “I’d love to wrestle her in TNA.

“This means everything to me, and it’s everything for me, too. This is my life. I’m ready for her.”

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