Why Do Angels Players Have Green Ribbons on Their Uniforms?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the Los Angeles Angels are lighting up the halo on the Big A green on Saturday at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

Angels players will wear a green ribbon on their jerseys in support of mental health awareness which is a cause close to the organization and some of its current players including Mike Trout.

Trout’s late brother-in-law Aaron Cox was an Angels prospect and took his own life at 24 years old in 2018. Trout and his wife subsequently partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to help Americans struggling with suicide and mental health issues.

“Losing Aaron was probably the toughest thing to happen to me in my life,” Trout said in 2020 during a preseason videoconference.

Angels prospect Zach Joyce has been open about his diagnosis and treatment for clinical anxiety and depression. He even stepped away from baseball while playing at the University of Tennessee during the 2020 season after receiving his diagnosis.

Former Angels pitcher Donnie Moore suffered from depression and ultimately took his own life in 1989, three years after he surrendered a famous home run in the American League Championship Series.

The Angels have also partnered with Orange County Health Care Agency to provide mental health resources and arrange other events during May including a yoga class on May 13 that was followed by a mental health discussion for local teens before their game.

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