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Angels News: Analyst 'Would be Shocked' if Anthony Rendon Was Released

Hopefully, he can stay healthy next season.
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Despite all the issues throughout the Los Angeles Angels organization, one of the biggest questions entering the offseason is what the team will do with third baseman Anthony Rendon. Rendon hasn’t been able to play more than 58 games in a season since joining the Halos, and it has been a disaster of a signing.

He will once again finish a season injured, and it has cost the team. They still owe him quite a bit of money over the next few seasons, but multiple pundits have called for the Angels to outright release the veteran.

However, one analyst believes that it’s unlikely the Halos release him this winter. Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register gave his thoughts.

“I would be shocked if the Angels simply released him, though. When he’s hurt, he doesn’t clog the roster because he’s on the injured list. And they can’t get him off the payroll, no matter what they do. If they release him, his salary would still count toward the Angels’ luxury tax.”

Per The OC County Register

The way that the Angels have operated over the years suggests that they indeed won’t release him. They would still need to pay him, so they may as well have him on the roster. Maybe he has a season where he finally isn’t hurt and actually produces in the manner that the organization believed he could.

As frustrating as this is for the Angels and fans, it’s probably just as much for Rendon. He wants to play baseball, and being injured all the time likely is taking its toll on him. The veteran infielder wants to be out there with his teammates, and the hope is that next season will be different.

“I expect the Angels to again build their team with other players who can play third, so they’re covered for when he’s hurt.”

Per The OC Register

Of course, this has been the mindset since he came to the team, but anything is possible.