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In what's been a lost season for Angels' star third baseman Anthony Rendon, there still is no substantial update or word on when he might return to the lineup for Anaheim. 

The most recent development in this season's edition of Where's Waldo for the former All-Star may not have a single clue to determine how far along his recovery is. 

After winning the World Series for the Washington Nationals in 2019, Rendon signed a massive seven-year, $245 million deal to become an Angel that winter. 

To say the massive contract hasn't lived up to expectations up to this point has been an understatement.

Either struggling with his health when off the field or lacking production while on the field, Rendon's cap hit on the Angels is becoming one of, if not the worst contract in baseball. 

Not only is Rendon's effectiveness on the field obviously limited by injuries that prevent him to play, but when there are limitations on media knowledge for the situation becomes doubly frustrating and unprofessional. 

In the fourth year of his deal to this point, Rendon is batting .236 with an OPS of under .700 and a WAR of 0.1, barely above a replacement level talent in his worst year as an Angel yet. 

Pair the ineffective play with a pair of stints on the IL, the most recent of which fans and media alike have no updates on the slugger's return to action. 

Though it's expected that Rendon returns late this month, Mike Trout and many other remain on the shelf for the Halos. 

With so many players already injured, the timing could not be worse for the Angels to consistently lose games. 

Shohei Ohtani's imminent free agency remains the biggest question for the Halos in the offseason, but considering Rendon's albatross on the roster team construction around retaining the Angels two-way unicorn remains at the forefront of their offseason.