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Injured Angels' Star Anthony Rendon Has Apparently Picked Up a New Language While Sidelined

I guess he needs an interpreter now?

In the latest frustrating update to a long saga, Halos' third baseman Anthony Rendon has continued his charade of avoiding the media to address his recovery progress from his current injury. 

Though he has been evasive since his stint on the injured list began in early July, Rendon's latest conversation concerning his healing process included an odd response in a different language. 

Though the shtick to laugh off a devastating injury might have been endearing in the early days of his IL stint, Rendon's continued absence for comment haven't been so funny considering his preseason role as a key bat for the Halo lineup. 

At the moment, it's the rest of the baseball world laughing at Rendon and his employer as the franchise has suffered a new low to their already disastrous year after being swept by their cellar dwelling rival in the Oakland Athletics. 

Even as injuries such as Rendon's and Mike Trout's have been reasons for worse play in recent weeks for the Angels, it's simply inexcusable to drop four straight to one of the worst teams in the league. 

Rendon's extended absence began with a foul ball off of his shin that has sidelined him for nearly two months, just as the team was making progress in the Wild Card standings. 

It's yet another peculiar chapter for what has to be the worst contract in the league at this point in time now that Rendon's former teammate Stephen Strasburg retired due to injuries after signing his own big deal following their collective 2019 World Series win. 

Though his old teammate was unable to even pitch due to his body's lack of cooperation, Rendon's play when he has been healthy enough to play certainly hasn't justified his hefty price tag. 

Rumors of cutting ties with Rendon have come up in recent weeks, but such an outcome seems unlikely in yet another bloated albatross courtesy of Arte Moreno's direction in Anaheim.