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New Angels Manager Ron Washington Wants to Bring 'Passion and Joy' Back to Community

Washington is setting the bar high for this team.
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New Angels manager Ron Washington doesn't do anything lightly. He has a passion for the sport of baseball, unlike anyone we have seen in some time. When he speaks, people tend to listen, and the Angels believe he is the correct person to lead them forward.

Washington spoke about wanting to restore the passion and joy back into the Angels community. 

"My style is that everything under baseball, we're going to be a part of it," Washington said. "I think it was the style Mike had when he was here when they were successful. Mike was here the last time they brought joy to this organization, so now I want to bring that passion and joy back to the community."

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Washington is referring to former Halos manager Mike Scioscia and the success that he saw as the skipper of this team. It’s a nice expectation that Washington has for himself, but it won’t be easy.

The Angels have been in a very long playoff drought, and their roster isn’t exactly beaming with talent. But that isn’t stopping Washington from putting together some very high goals for this team during his tenure.

"Once we get things together and we get these guys together in Spring Training and start our work, our whole focus is going to be on running the West down," Washington said. "And you can take that to the bank and deposit it."

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You have to love the fire from Washington, and maybe he can turn things around for the Angels. But many managers have tried in recent years, and they have all failed.

The Halos consistently get in their own way when it comes to putting solid teams on the field, and it starts at the top of the food chain. Owner Arte Moreno wants to win, and he isn’t afraid to shell out money, but he does it in the wrong spots.

His impulsivity can get the better of him sometimes, and it has hurt this organization over the years. The Halos can win with Moreno as the owner, but the way they conduct business will need to heavily change.