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It has been a trying few weeks for the Los Angeles Angels and it isn’t going to get any easier as the trade deadline approaches.

As the team continues to struggle and find their way back into contention, the calls for them to trade two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani grow louder by the day.

As of now, the team has signaled that they have no intention of moving Ohtani but that could easily change with another week or so of bad baseball.

With Ohtani scheduled to be a free agent this winter, the team may be better off moving him now to make sure they get some type of compensation for him. 

If they keep him and the team misses the postseason again, he very well could depart for nothing. That would be catastrophic for the Angels, so they have some tough choices to make here.

In the newest odds for Ohtani's next team on, the Angels are listed with the seventh-best odds to retain the superstar. They are listed at +750 right now and that could continue to drop if they keep losing games.

"A few weeks ago the Angels were on pace to have their first winning season since 2015, but now Mike Trout is likely out until early September due to a fractured wrist, and now LA is on the outer reaches of an AL Wild Card spot. It is very possible Angels GM Perry Minasian reverses course."


For his current team to be this low in the odds speaks volumes to what people think the Angels may do. It seems that odds makers believe that Ohtani will indeed be dealt before the August 1 trade deadline and normally Vegas knows something before it happens.

This will be something to watch over the next few weeks and we will see if Ohtani has a new home here soon.