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Houston Astros Sophomore Could Be Team's Next Star

This Houston Astros second-year player has caught the eye of national media.

After dominating the most recent Top 100 players list in Major League Baseball,  it's time to focus on the future stars of the Houston Astros.

In addition to their Top 100 list, ESPN went through every team's roster and looked for who would be the next player to crack the list who didn't make it this time.

Though the Astros don't have a highly-regarded farm system, there are some young players to still be excited about.

First on that list, and the player that ESPN highlighted, is 25-year-old starting catcher Yainer Diaz.

After barely making the top 100 prospects list entering last season, Diaz's bat took the league by storm and has made him a highly valued young player.

In just over 100 games last season (85 starts), the rookie was able to rack up 23 home runs and 60 RBI. He finished second on the team in slugging percentage, just behind Yordan Alvarez at. 583.

It's not just the bat, as he is also a skilled catcher, but hitting is the more polished part of his game for now. 

Diaz accounted for six errors in his 463 defensive chances, putting him slightly behind pace from Martin Maldonado last season. If he can improve his ability in the field, something he was only called on to do 68 times last season, he'll surely make his way onto the top 100 list. 

Outside of Diaz, the next best bet to make the list that is currently on the roster would probably be another player entering his second season in Hunter Brown.

The hurler is much further from making the list than Diaz is, but a young pitcher with a breakout season is not unheard of.

Brown was a key part of Houston's farm system until playing his first full season in 2023. It wasn't a perfect debut year, but it showed potential and he'll be back in the rotation for 2024.