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MLB Insider Says Houston Astros Might Lose Their Star Player

Something that Houston Astros fans have become accustomed to recently is losing some of their stars. That could be the case again with one of the faces of their franchise potentially leaving.
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The Houston Astros are still in their "Golden Era" despite coming up a game short in the American League Championship Series this past season.

They have won their only two World Series titles during this era and are still poised to add more.

With eight of their nine positional starters returning for 2024 and a starting rotation full of talent, they will still be one of the favorites to run through the AL and get back to the Fall Classic.

But, beyond next season is where things could get interesting for the Astros.

It was previously reported that Houston will try to do everything they can to lockdown Jose Altuve to a virtual lifetime contract before he hits free agency following next season.

As one of the franchise's best and most beloved players, that feels like a no brainer.

However, it could come at the cost of keeping Alex Bregman around following 2024.

Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY reports, "A high-ranking Astros executive said their intention is to keep Altuve for the duration of his career but are highly skeptical they can also retain Bregman."

That's notable because the Astros have done this before.

George Springer and Carlos Correa were part of the original core that won the organization's first World Series.

They're both playing for different teams now after not being offered long-term contracts.

Bregman could find himself in a similar situation.

"As of right now, Bregman is set to hit free agency in advance of his age-31 season, which still lines him up for a solid payday ... Something in that range should be attainable for Bregman but it may not be from the Astros. The club has generally avoided long-term deals that run deep into a player’s career," writes Darragh McDonald of MLB Trade Rumors.

The range that was mentioned is anywhere from $150-$175 million that other players of his caliber have received on the open market.

General manager Dana Brown has already mentioned that he wants to start cycling some of the younger players into the mix during 2024 as well.

Writing could be on the wall that Bregman will join the list of players from this "Golden Era" who put on a different jersey before their careers are over.