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Texas Rangers Fans Unwisely Chant "We Want Houston" as Club Advances

As the Texas Rangers celebrated their ALCS berth, their fans unwisely chanted "We Want Houston" in all too familiar scenario.

One of the greatest gifts in life is watching other people make mistakes and learning from them.

You reap all the benefit without having to actually make the mistake.

Texas Rangers fans missed that lesson on Tuesday night when their team swept the Baltimore Orioles and serenaded their squad into the ALCS with chants of "We Want Houston!"

One would think that after the New York Yankees chanted "We Want Houston!" after winning the ALDS, that Texas fans in the exact same position might not want to do it.

Baseball is a sport built around superstition. In fact it was built for it. 

While the Rangers undoubtedly want the Houston Astros because they have had to play little brother to them for the last six seasons, boasting about it may not have been the best route of action.

A Texas showdown in the ALCS is exactly what this sport and what this state needs. It benefits everyone. The Rangers are 5-0 in the postseason and are coming off of consecutive sweeps.

They are healthier than they were the last time they faced Houston.

The Astros have multiple World Series and have been the juggernauts of baseball for the better part of the last decade. 

They are also fierce rivals, not just within the State of Texas, but within the American League division.

Everything about this potential matchup makes sense.

And yes, Texas fans want Houston.

But does it need chanting especially after what happened to the Yankees in 2023?

Either way, it only bodes well for the reigning World Series champions.