Philadelphia Phillies Connected to Potential Outfielder Trade with Rays

The Philadelphia Phillies could find the Tampa Bay Rays as a potential trade partner for an intriguing outfielder.
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The Philadelphia Phillies have shown zero signs of slowing down when it comes to winning and being World Series contenders. Even with injury issues causing them adversity of late, they have remained consistent and kept winning baseball games.

With the MLB season nearing the All-Star break, the Phillies will get back to full health. Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber will return soon and other players will be working their way back to action as well.

Keeping that in mind, Philadelphia will have opportunities to improve their roster at the trade deadline later this month. There are a couple of potential needs that they could look to address.

Two of the main needs are finding more talent and production in the outfield and beefing up their bullpen.

One potential player to monitor on the trade market for the Phillies is veteran Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena.

CBS Sports took a look at Arozarena ahead of the trade deadline and listed Philadelphia as one of the three best potential suitors for him.

"An ill-advised offseason swing change left Arozarena's seasonal numbers in a hole that he only started to dig out of in June. It's fair to think the Rays, as a result, may elect to hold onto him until at least the winter and give him a chance to repair whatever (if any) damage he did to his stock. We're including Arozarena anyway because let's face it: he's a proven middle-of-the-order bat who is getting expensive (at least by Tampa Bay standards) with two additional years of team control left after this one. That's a profile that plenty of clubs would be willing to overlook a couple of bad months to obtain."

Along with the Phillies, both the Seattle Mariners and Kansas City Royals were listed as possible trade suitors.

Arozaerna would be an intriguing fit for Philadelphia. As mentioned, he started the season off poorly. His numbers reflect that, hitting .201/.310/.359 on the season in 87 games. He has also hit 11 home runs and chipped in 29 RBI.

In the month of June, his numbers skyrocketed. He hit .291/.424/.468 and also hit three home runs and drove in nine RBI.

Depending on his price tag, the Phillies should absolutely have interest in him. He has an impact bat when he's swinging well and brings to the field what the lineup needs.

There are plenty of other outfield trade options, but Arozarena could be a player of interest for Philadelphia.

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