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The Philadelphia 76ers were granted a few days off after defeating the Washington Wizards in Game 5 on Wednesday. After going 4-1 in their first-round series, Philly quickly found out their second-round opponent as the Atlanta Hawks defeated the New York Knicks 4-1 as well.

After a few days of rest and preparation, the Sixers and the Hawks finally met on Sunday afternoon to participate in Game 1 of the second round. On this episode of the 'Bleav in 76ers' Podcast presented by the Bleav Podcast Network, Justin Grasso and Kevin McComick breakdown Sunday's events.

It all started with an unexpected introduction, which involved Joel Embiid and a cameo from WWE legend, Triple H. Following the DX-themed bell-ringing ceremony pregame, the Sixers got off to a rather ugly start against the Hawks as Atlanta's star Trae Young took advantage of Sixers' starter, Danny Green.

After trailing by as much as 26 points in the first half, the Sixers made some adjustments and came out in the third quarter with a more aggressive game plan to stop Young and the Hawks. It worked, for the most part, but the 76ers didn't get the final results they wanted as Atlanta took Game 1 in the end.

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Episode 5: Sixers Drop Game One, Is This Finally The End Of The All-Bench Lineup?

I. Joel Embiid, Triple H Introduction

II. The Sixers' Rough First-Half Start

III. Was this Danny Green's Worst Game of the Playoffs?

IV. Who Should be Guarding Trae Young?

V. Will the All-Bench Lineup Finally Disappear?

VI. Assessing Joel Embiid's Performance

VII. Predictions for Game 2