Best of SI: Mike Tyson feuds with AEW's Chris Jericho

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Jimmy Traina wrote earlier this week about the allure a final Mike Tyson boxing match might have during our current sports drought. We might have to settle for a wrestling match. 

Tyson has spent the past few days working with All Elite Wrestling, the upstart promotion funded by the NFL’s Khan family. He presented AEW’s TNT Championship at its Double or Nothing pay-per-view on Saturday and was back on the company’s weekly TV show, Dynamite, last night. Tyson, backed by a crew of former UFC fighters, showed up at the very end of the night to square off with former AEW world champion Chris Jericho.

The whole thing is a little inscrutable if you’re not familiar with Jericho (the premise of the segment was that Tyson’s crew drank all of Jericho’s meme-inspired champagne) but you don’t need much background to enjoy what ensued. 

Jericho and Tyson went toe-to-toe in the ring, at which point Tyson tried to tear his shirt in a menacing manner, only to fail miserably. The two starting shoving and eventually the scene devolved into a massive brawl that absolutely did not abide by social distancing guidelines. 

The genesis for a wrestling feud is always stupid, especially when it involves a celebrity like Tyson. In this case, the basis for his beef with Jericho is a story line from WWE more than 10 years ago. Tyson teamed with Jericho on an episode of Raw but turned on him at the end of the match, leveling him with a knockout punch that allowed DX to retain the tag team championship.

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