Chris Paul, Trae Young Emerge as Contenders for NBA's Game of HORSE

Justin Grasso

When the NBA suspended indefinitely back in March, nobody knew what was going to happen. Would the league return at some point, or is the 2019-2020 NBA season a wash? At this point, if we're honest, that question remains.

Another significant question, however, has recently been answered. What will fans have to be entertained by since the league is on a hiatus? NBA 2K20 simulations have become a popular go-to for sports networks to broadcast lately.

But watching a video game simulation is only entertaining for so long. Therefore, the NBA and ESPN attempted to make it more interesting by having NBA players control the game, while the reactions from the players are broadcasted for the world to see.

So far, the NBA's 16-man 2K20 tournament has drawn the attention of basketball fans. Once again, though, utilizing video games will only have the attention of fans for a limited period of time. Good thing ESPN was willing to get even more creative recently.

This past weekend, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski leaked details about a potential game of HORSE being played among NBA players as they continue to self-isolate. Wojnarowski described the event as 'high-profile' players utilizing their home gyms for a tournament.

At first, there weren't any details as to which players would be involved. On Wednesday, though, a few names have surfaced. OKC's Chris Paul, Atlanta's Trae Young, and Chicago's Zach LaVine are three players who have been added to the tournament.

It's unclear if there will be more NBA players involved, but we should expect to hear about a few star players from the WNBA joining. In addition to that, some 'recent NBA alumni' players will have the opportunity to compete as well. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_