Danny Green Isn't Thrilled About Sixers' Second-Half Schedule

Danny Green has some thoughts on the second-half schedule.
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The Philadelphia 76ers have just a few more games left in the first half of the 2020-2021 NBA season. With the 2021 NBA All-Star game approaching, the NBA decided to finally release the plans for the second half of the year.

Considering the league is looking to get back on its typical timeframe, the NBA started a lot earlier than expected and shortened the season this year. With a condensed season in play, the second-half schedule certainly doesn't favor the players as there are many games squeezed in so the league can ensure a May finale to the regular season.

The Sixers' second-half schedule, like many teams around the league, is brutal, to put it bluntly. On Thursday morning, Sixers veteran forward Danny Green was asked about his opinion on the schedule after the release, and he wasn't shying away from his opinion.

"I think my facial reaction gave you what I thought about it," Green said in a joking manner after making a disappointed face when hearing the topic. "I don't want to think about the second half of the season right now."

Just last season, Green played the entire year with the Los Angeles Lakers after getting traded away by the Toronto Raptors. Like every other NBA team, Green had a long break between the NBA's suspension and the season's restart in the bubble.

However, being a member of the Lakers meant Green had to continue playing through late October last year. And in no later than a month's time, Green was at training camp playing with the Sixers.

Since debuting with the Sixers back in late December, Green has yet to miss a game with the 76ers. Considering he's been healthy and available all season long while averaging 28 minutes-per-game, the 33-year-old veteran is understandably concerned about the condensed schedule coming up.

"It looks tiring -- looks exhausting," Green explained. "Is there danger? Possibly, but there's danger in every season. But when you shorten the season, you compact it even more. There have always been injuries in the past because of minutes, a lot of games, etc. When you have a lot of games, minutes, and back-to-back games like that and travel as much as we are, it could be dangerous."

Green has faith in the Sixers' medical staff to keep everybody as healthy as possible. While the situation certainly isn't ideal, players knew what kind of season this would be when the league proposed a late December start with the playoffs beginning in May. Hopefully, the tight schedule doesn't cause any major issues for players or organizations as the season progresses.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_