Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni isn't considered a local guy around Philly. Being that he was born and grew up in Jamestown, New York, before leaving to Ohio for college, Sirianni didn't have any ties to the City of Brotherly Love. But the first-year head coach is catching up to speed this season.

Lately, Sirianni has clearly been trying to win over the hears of Philadelphia fans. While he mostly sports Eagles gear for apparent reasons, Sirianni has attempted to represent all major Philadelphia sports teams over time -- including the Sixers.

On Sunday afternoon, before Sirianni threw on his Eagles gear before their Week 2 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, the rookie head coach was seen wearing a black Allen Iverson 76ers shirt during pregame warmups.

As expected, many Philly fans were excited to see the Eagles head coach represent not only the city's local basketball team but also acknowledge one of the most beloved former players in the organization.

Sirianni's outfit choice indeed won over Eagles and Sixers fans ahead of Sunday's game, but his Iverson shirt-jersey was quickly forgotten about after everybody witnessed what transpired on the football field on Sunday afternoon.

As the Eagles welcomed the 49ers to Lincoln Financial Field for their season home-opener, Philly was viewed as the underdogs. Despite not having the oddsmakers and analysts on their side, the Eagles had home-field advantage and faced a 49ers team that was dealing with quite a few injuries.

Everything was set up for Sirianni and the Eagles to pull off the upset, but they came up short. After 60 minutes of playing time, the Eagles dropped their second game to the 49ers by losing 17-11. Unfortunately, Sirianni's shirt choice didn't bring them any luck as the Eagles didn't have an answer for the 49ers on Sunday.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.