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Following a devastating Game 7 loss in Toronto back in 2019, former Sixers sharpshooter JJ Redick wasn't sure if he'd make it back to Philadelphia or not. After wrapping up a two-year stint donning the 76ers threads, Redick was set to become a free agent once again.

He wasn't in Philly for a long time, but the veteran guard made a significant impact on the court during his limited era. In year one with the Sixers, Redick appeared in 70 games, hitting on 42-percent of his threes and averaging 17 points per game. At the time, he exceeded his career-high average in the scoring category.

The following season, he one-upped himself. While his three-point percentage took a slight dip, Redick put up 18 points per game, which now marks the highest of his career and will remain that way since he recently retired from the NBA. 

After his big year in Philly, Redick sensed the Sixers were going in a different direction. As they aimed to go taller and more defensive, the veteran guard got a sense he was finished in Philly. Therefore, he ended up with the New Orleans Pelicans on a two-year deal. A few years later, Redick acknowledges moving on from the Sixers as perhaps the biggest "regret" of his NBA career. 

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"You can't change an outcome," Redick explained during a live Q&A session. "Because an outcome is out of your control. So, you can change a decision. Ah, man. I wish there was a way I could've gone back to Philly."

Redick didn't elaborate much, but his body language made it clear that if there was a chance to do it all over again, he would've tried his best to pair up with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, and the rest of the Philly guys once again.

It's unclear if Redick's return would've made a notable difference or not for the Sixers, but his three-point shooting was always a valuable asset for the Sixers during his short stint. Plus, his relationship with the team's star big man Joel Embiid was a major positive as well. Losing Redick was notable at the time -- and Sixers fans would've surely welcomed back the veteran sharpshooter had he re-signed again in 2019.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.