Jonathon Simmons Says 'About Time' 76ers Fired Brett Brown

Justin Grasso

Despite being fired from his job as the head coach on Monday, Brett Brown is a well-respected person within the Philadelphia 76ers' organization. Both, as a coach and as a human being in general, many around the team loved Brown.

But as you know, you can't be loved by everybody. And it seems another one of Brown's former players is speaking their mind about the now-former Sixers head coach on social media shortly after the news about Brown's firing came out. 

"Bout time they fired his [expletive]," said former 76ers forward, Jonathan Simmons. Although Simmons wasn't in Philly for a long time, the former Magic forward came to the Sixers midway through last season as he was a part of the trade that sent Markelle Fultz to Orlando.

Simmons played just 15 games for the Sixers last year during the regular season, averaging 5.5 points-per-game during an average of 14 minutes of action. Following the 2018-2019 season, the Sixers sent Simmons to the Washington Wizards for cash considerations. A couple of weeks later, Simmons was waived by Washington and joined the Santa Cruz Warriors of the NBA G League.

It's unclear why Simmons is frustrated with Brown, but he's not the first former player of his to feel like Brown wasn't doing a good job in Philly. Throughout last season, Brown had a handful of disagreements with former Sixers forward, Jimmy Butler. While Butler took a while to admit his relationship with Brown wasn't ideal -- he eventually made it quite clear that he wasn't Brown's biggest fan. Now, Simmons is the latest former Sixer to speak out against Philly's former head coach. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_

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Weather Brett brown was player coach or not, Jonathan Simmons need keep his trap shut😃 if he want get back league because just like players brotherhood, coaches is brotherhood and they stickup for each other and there alot messages and emails between coaches that discuss players Character before they trade for him or sign as free - agent. Simmons may gotten bigger contract elsewhere than spurs offered, but I am willing bet he still be spurs roster today because Pop and organization wants keep players long term that hungry learn ,play defense and accepting role. Hey Jonathan Simmons ask Bruce Bowden, patty Mills, Red rocket and alot others who made career in league because they were on spurs. Steven Jackson another fool that didn't appreciate where he started and it could been alot longer towards career when he return spurs but his attitude and ego led him being cut by spurs and Boom he out league like Simmons😁


Brett Brown was not a good coach, period. He was Mr. Softee with his two main players and enabled the hell out of the, He was a terrible in-game adjuster. He used time-outs poorly. His getting the most out of his players was terribly lacking. Good riddance. Got tired of hearing his long winded gobbly gook after games. Not a good coach.