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The Philadelphia 76ers aren't the only team in the NBA that are making major changes to their starting lineup when it comes to the point guard position. Across the Atlantic Division, the New York Knicks decided to shake up their starting lineup and plan to no longer utilize four-time NBA All-Star Kemba Walker. 

According to Tim Bontemps of ESPN, Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau announced on Monday afternoon that Walker will no longer start for New York at this time. Instead, former Sixers trade acquisition Alec Burks will get the nod.

"It's a tough decision to make, but you always have to do what you think is best for the team," Thibodeau said on Monday, according to Bontemps. "I view Kemba as a starter, and so it'd be tough to play three small guards together. I gave it consideration, and I've got great respect for who Kemba is as a person and all he's accomplished in this league. But I have to do what I think is best for the team."

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Not only has Walker lost his starting position, for the Knicks -- but he's also currently out of the team's rotation. The move to take Walker out of the rotation is certainly shocking. After all, Walker was just an All-Star a season ago.

Ever since the 2015-2016 NBA season, Walker has averaged at least 20 points per game. After starring at point guard for the Charlotte Hornets for eight seasons, Walker joined the Boston Celtics in an attempt to get a fresh start with a franchise that was already playoff competitive. 

After two seasons in Boston, the Walker era ended as he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder following Boston's short-lived 2021 NBA playoff run. After getting waived by the Thunder, he signed a deal with the New York Knicks.

Unfortunately, Walker's stint with the Knicks hasn't gone as planned. While his benching might not be a permanent move, it will be interesting to see how the situation plays out as the trade market begins to really see action in December.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.