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Philadelphia 76ers General Manager Elton Brand seems to be hard at work making calls to find the perfect fit to add to the roster. Although Brand expressed before that he was satisfied with the team he created over the summer, things seemed to have taken a turn as the 76ers could use some help moving forward.

With aspirations of becoming the number one seed, according to Brett Brown, the Sixers needed to keep up with the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference. While the Sixers were able to defeat the Bucks during their lone matchup against them so far this season, their records are nowhere near a match.

Running away with first place, the Milwaukee Bucks have a fantastic record of 39-6. Meanwhile, the Sixers are hanging onto sixth place in the East with a record of 29-17. Philly isn't doomed and still looks very much like a playoff contender. However, this is the year they are supposed to be viewed as Finals contenders -- making the postseason isn't enough.

Considering the circumstances, Brand has no right to feel content with the Sixers' current roster. And he isn't -- hence the reason why the Sixers are linked to a ton of available names on the trade market. Recently, it has been revealed that Philly is making a strong push for two shooting guards, Robert Covington, and Bogdan Bogdanovic.

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But The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor also reveals that the Sixers have been looking at Oklahoma City Thunder's power forward, Danilo Gallinari. "Multiple playoff teams have expressed interest in the Thunder forward," O'Connor writes. "Including the Mavericks and Sixers, according to league sources."

Gallinari, a 31-year-old starter, could offer versatility to the Sixers on the offensive side of the ball. While he has started in 38 games for the Thunder this season, averaging 19 points-per-game, he could be a substantial addition to potentially come off the bench and offer up solid minutes for Philly, unless they manage to go another route and offer up a star in the deal, to make Gallinari a starter.

Word around the league is that the Sixers are looking out for a player who can offer an immediate upgrade when it comes to perimeter shooting. Well, Gallinari is draining a cool 40-percent from three this season, with roughly seven attempts-per-game. The cost could be high, but it may be worth it for the Sixers, who really need help in that department.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_