Back in February, the NBA teamed up with popular lifestyle brand CASETiFY to create a special collection of NBA-themed phone cases. It marked the first time CASETiFY teamed up with a major sports association to create a series of cases.

CASETiFY released five special-themed phone cases, which included a classic Jerry West logoman case along with a silhouette medley of the logo. Also, a special pebble leather case resembling a black basketball was included. And to find a way to include every team in the collection, CASETiFY created a 30-in-1 leather logo mania case.

As if the first four cases weren't exciting enough, the fifth case was a limited-edition, exclusive Larry O'Brien trophy-themed case, which is made out of 18K gold and valued at $1,000 USD.

Following the first rollout of NBA-themed cases, the National Basketball Association once again teamed up with CASETiFY to create another series of cases. 

"NBA fans are some of the most spirited and passionate individuals in the world, and we're proud to come together to create a collection inspired by their connection to the league," said Wes Ng, founder of CASETiFY. "As leaders in the accessory industry for design and functionality, we're looking forward to seeing how the fans truly make this collection their own."

This time around, NBA fans can snag a brand new case for their phone to represent their team only as CASETiFY will make fan-favorite Sticker-style case available to those who want to show off their favorite team's colors, logos, and mascots.


That's not all. In addition to the sticky-style option, CASETiFY has also created a custom "arena ticket" case so fans can create a unique customized theme for the back of their phone as they can have their name and a special date printed on the "ticket."

And last but certainly not least, a second version of the best-selling black pebble leather case will also be available in the new series with a more authentic basketball look as it will be an orange colorway.

If you're interested in being one of the first NBA fans to get your hands on CASETiFY's second drop, sign up and join the waitlist. The new series will officially become available on Friday, April 30, 2021.