Philadelphia 76ers Should Consider Bringing Allen Iverson Era Jerseys Back

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During the early 2000s, the Philadelphia 76ers revamped their style. With former first-overall pick Allen Iverson running the show in Philly, the 76ers were going for a new look. Everybody knows by now how the Allen Iverson-led Sixers looked back when the mascot was a fly looking bunny named 'Hip-Hop.' 

A few years after Iverson left, however, the franchise went back to its more classic look with red white and blue being the key colors. Also, Hip-Hop was no more. Many believed that only Allen Iverson could don those early 2000s 76ers uniforms and make them look good.

But honestly, those with that belief are wrong. 

Although the 76ers haven't had anybody on their team wear those uniforms since they've been changed, a couple of artists have attempted to offer fans the most realistic look as possible. One of the first times I've seen an authentic look was back in November when the 76ers held their first crossover art exhibit in Philly.

An artist by the name of Francisco Garcia painted the entire Sixers' 2019-2020 roster, all donning the early 2000s uniforms in white. 

Then recently, a graphic designer by the name of Nikola Vukotic, aka VN Design, decided to mix the old in with the new by photoshopping today's 76ers starting lineup into the early 2000s uniforms. And to some people's surprise, they look great.

Perhaps, Sixers fans had to see it to believe it. Maybe the idea of the current day 76ers wearing the older uniforms didn't seem great -- but seeing a visual of what it could look like surely has a lot of people wanting the team to utilize the old jerseys as alternates. 

The 76ers definitely aren't a team that shies away from switching up jersey designs for a few games a season, but they haven't tried the early 2000s look since they went away. Soon, that should change. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_