Atlantic City Sixers? An Idea the NBA Might Take a Gamble on

Justin Grasso

At this very moment, we are slowly but surely getting through the NBA's 30-day hiatus, which was set weeks ago when the league went on suspension. Since the idea to shut down the NBA indefinitely was so sudden, the league didn't have time to come up with a definitive plan moving forward. Plus, nobody can genuinely estimate when this entire coronavirus pandemic will blow over.

At first, we could be optimistic about the NBA's return 30 days after it initially shut down. Now, everybody is just hopeful that basketball will resume at some point in 2020. While that's not a guarantee, there is optimism around the league as many believe the NBA will have the opportunity to crown a champion this year.

While it's highly unlikely the league picks up right where they left off as if nothing happened, the NBA is committed to making sure they get back to work one way or another. When basketball returns this year, the circumstances will be much different.

There's an excellent chance there are no fans in attendance cheering on any team. As a matter of fact, the league seems to be trending in a direction towards resuming play not only without fans in the stands -- but playing all games in one neutral site as well.

Las Vegas, the Bahamas, Orlando, Hawaii, Louisville, and Atlantic City have all been discussed as potential destinations for the NBA to play the rest of the 2020 NBA season, according to New York Post's, Marc Berman, on Tuesday.

Later that night, Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small, has confirmed that he is trying to do all he can to lure the NBA in, per The Inquirer's Keith Pompey. “It is my goal to recruit and bring people here,” Small said. “We are trying to work that out and bring the NBA here once things settle down a little bit.”

Will it happen? Nobody could say at this moment. Considering the NBA will most likely have to wait until late June or even early July to resume, there's still plenty of time to weigh out more options and open up to more ideas. While having the Sixers play in Atlantic City for the NBA Playoffs would be an interesting dynamic, it's only a small idea at this very moment in time.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_