Philadelphia 76ers veteran forward Danny Green has had a rough second-round playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks. After struggling on both sides of the ball in Game 1, Green was looking to bounce back in a big way in the following two games.

After having a better defensive performance in Game 2, Green was looking to turn it all around in Game 3 on the road. However, he suffered an injury early on in the matchup and ended up finding himself ruled out for the game.

Green was dealing with a calf strain, according to the Sixers. After leaving the court in the first quarter, it wasn't until later on in the second half when the veteran sharpshooter returned to the Sixers' bench.

And when Green did return to the bench, he wasn't in uniform. Instead, he was wearing street clothes and sporting a walking boot on his right leg. The following afternoon, Green's MRI results revealed a calf strain. While he was relieved to know it's not an Achilles injury, the veteran's recovery timetable is set at three to five weeks, and the Sixers will know more when he's re-evaluated in two weeks.

According to his 'Inside the Green Room' Co-Host Harrison Sanford, Green hopes to return for the Sixers at some point as long as they stay alive in the postseason. And the veteran confirmed that much when he sent out a tweet to followers on Sunday afternoon.

"Be back in no time."

After receiving his MRI results, Green decided to fly back to Philly to start working on his rehab plan on Saturday night, according to Sixers head coach Doc Rivers. It's unclear how long Green will be out for sure, but it seems the veteran is set on making a return at some point before Philly's season concludes.

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