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Last month, the Philadelphia 76ers had to find a way to upgrade their scoring and three-point shooting. After exploring the trade market for weeks, they finally struck a deal with the Golden State Warriors, sending multiple second-round picks in exchange for the veteran guard, Alec Burks, and veteran forward, Glenn Robinson III.

Unlike some trade scenarios, neither Burks nor Robinson forced their way out of an underachieving Golden State team. Actually, they were both enjoying their time with the Warriors as they posted career-high numbers in multiple categories.

Considering Robinson and Burks were on one-year deals, their success with the Warriors was likely to build them an excellent free agency market for the upcoming offseason. And although it wasn't a guarantee Robinson was going to be re-signed to Golden State at the end of the year; the veteran forward made it known he would've liked to if the front office was willing to make it happen.

Clearly, they weren't on the same page. Instead of looking to lock Robinson in for the future, Golden State gambled and traded away the veteran for some future assets. And while some players could be thrilled to go from a last-place team to a playoff contender, Robinson's time with Philly hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows.

For starters, Robinson hasn't been thrilled with his role. While he claimed Sixers' head coach Brett Brown didn't explain his role to him upon his arrival (Brown debunked the accusation), Robinson is still searching for his fit with his minutes being cut down in half.

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Also, the Sixers haven't exactly looked like a championship contender as of late. Since Philly has acquired Robinson, the Sixers have gone 6-5 as they deal with a notable amount of injuries to their starting lineup. While Robinson has done better for himself on the Sixers as of late, he still doesn't sound sold on the Sixers just yet.

"Some people take to change a little bit differently than others," Robinson told NBC Sports Bay Area on Saturday. "It's just a lot; it's just a lot going on. It's a whole new team, I have a whole new role. I'm just trying to execute that and just take it one day at a time. . . It can be frustrating."

When you take what Robinson has said in the recent past and compare it to his progress with the Sixers so far, it sure seems like a longshot for him to return to Philly this offseason on a multi-year deal. While he's unsure of how his offseason will go in a few months, the former Warrior made it clear he's going to weigh all possibilities.

"I may just explore all options possible," Robinson said. When asked if a reunion with Golden State could be in the cards -- the Philadelphia forward seemed interested in the possibility. "Would I rule it out? Not with this organization. They were really great to me, and like I said, really changed my career, so it's no bad feelings, no hard love for Golden State." There's still a ways to go before the market opens up for free agents, so a lot could change. By the sounds of it, though, a return to Golden State seems more desirable for Robinson rather than a return to Philly -- but a lot could change over time.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_