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Now over halfway through the 2021-2022 NBA season, the Philadelphia 76ers still haven't resolved the dreadful situation known as the Ben Simmons saga.

Although Simmons requested a trade following the conclusion after last year's playoff run, the Sixers haven't found a deal they believe is worth making.

Therefore, Simmons remains an inactive member of the roster. Meanwhile, Sixers center Joel Embiid is doing all he can by putting the team on his back and willing Philly to victory while the team remains shorthanded.

Many want to see the Sixers trade Simmons away, so the drama stops. Most want to see it end because of Embiid's sake, though. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith falls under the latter category as he ranted in defense of Joel Embiid recently.

Stephen A. Let's Morey Hear It

While Stephen A. Smith made it clear that he's a fan of Daryl Morey's and the work the Sixers President has done during his tenure with the Houston Rockets, Smith believes Morey is taking an unfavorable approach to this specific situation.

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"You got to pull the trigger, man, because Joel Embiid's health isn't guaranteed," Smith said. "Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying to do it for anything. That's not where I'm going. ... Figure it out. I'm not saying trade him for 20 cents on the dollar. I'm saying since July. You've had all of this time. Joel Embiid has one impediment above all else, and that is durability. His health has been a question mark."

Although Embiid is just 27-years-old and entering his prime, the Sixers' big man has a lot of wear and tear. As Smith points out during his rant, the All-Star center missed his first two seasons due to injuries. In the five seasons, he did play, Embiid never appeared in more than 64 games during the regular season. And in two of the last three playoff runs the Sixers embarked on, Embiid battled through injuries.

Outside of a battle with COVID-19, Embiid's been mostly healthy for Philly this season. And when he's playing, the big man is always the best player on the court.

"When Ben Simmons took this position, Joel Embiid stood up in front of Philadelphia, where I worked for 17 years. It's a second home to me, and I love that city. I love what it represents, and I'm telling you, for him to stand up and say y'all ain't got nothing to worry about, I got this, and to perform this way, you're wasting it!" Smith continued. "Because you don't know how healthy he's gonna be."

Will the Simmons saga get resolved this season? It's unclear -- but also unlikely judging based on how the market has formed and what Daryl Morey recently said about the situation publicly. While Embiid himself has stated that he stands with the front office's plans regarding the Simmons saga, Stephen A. Smith believes that the organization is doing the All-Star center a disservice by keeping Simmons.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.