Tobias Harris Heartbroken to see Boban, Luka Doncic's Friendship on Social Media

Justin Grasso

Last season, the Philadelphia 76ers made a blockbuster trade with the Los Angeles Clippers right at the trade deadline. Although they received a package of players from the West, the big name in the deal was veteran forward, Tobias Harris.

The sharpshooter wasn't alone, though. Coming with him was the eventual fan-favorite, Mike Scott, and Harris' personal favorite, Boban Marjanovic. Boban, the big man from Serbia, has spent lots of time with Harris over the years.

And off the floor, Harris, and Boban became best friends. When they were both traded to Philly together, the city embraced the duo that was Tobi and Bobi. Unfortunately, the breakup was inevitable. As both Harris and Marjanovic were on contract years last season, there was a good chance they could get separated during free agency.

As the focal point of last year's blockbuster trade, Harris received a max deal from the Sixers as they wanted to offer him a long-term position on the team to make the trade worth it. Marjanovic, however, had to find a new home elsewhere. 

So over the offseason, the former 76ers big man inked a two-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks. As expected, Tobias Harris was upset to see his main man go away. And now, the 76ers forward has been having a hard time watching Boban forge new close friendships on and off the court in Dallas.

"Starting today, I need to forget what's gone. Appreciate what still remains and look forward to what's coming next." - Tobias Harris via Google. 

They may no longer be on the same team, but Harris is likely excited to know he can spend some quality time with his best friend once again while down in Orlando, Florida. As the Sixers and the Mavericks, both made the cut to join the NBA's restart in the bubble down in Florida, Harris, and Boban will likely run into each other down there.

Because not only are they both in the bubble -- but the Sixers and the Mavericks are both going to stay in the same hotel as well. The Grand Floridian Hotel will host the Sixers, Mavericks, Nets, Grizzlies, Magic, Pacers, Rockets, and the Thunder. Knowing that Tobi and Bobi will be in the same complex, there's a good chance the two can reunite for some more quality content.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_