DeMar DeRozan Reveals Amazing Untold Gregg Popovich Story

Popovich is one of a kind.
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Gregg Popovich is often noted as a one-of-a-kind coach. It's not just for what fans see on the court, but it's because of who he is off the court. The perfect illustration of this trait is from an untold DeMar DeRozan story about Popovich.

In an episode of the 25/10 Podcast, DeRozan revealed an amazing story about Gregg Popovich's character. During the 2021 season, DeRozan's father passed away and he needed time away from the court, so he called the Spurs' GM to reveal the news.

"I've never told nobody this story before," DeRozan said. "My pop had passed when I was playing in San Antonio... So I called the GM, I didn't want nobody to know, I didn't want it to be all in the media."

The moment that Gregg Popovich heard this news from the GM, he immediately arrived at DeRozan's door. Popovich sat with DeRozan for hours, cried with him, and made sure the two left at the same time.

"Literally 90 seconds later I hear a knock at the door. It's Pop. Pop sit in the room with me and cried with me for about two hours. He was like, 'I'm not leaving until you leave.' That just showed like the person who he was. He sat there and cried with me bro. What's crazy, he'll be mad at me telling that story, cause he never want credit bro."

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