Lonzo Ball’s Heartfelt Message on Devastating Injury

Lonzo Ball opened up about his mindset.
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Lonzo Ball has had one of the most devastating injuries in modern NBA history. It's been over two seasons, and Ball has not played in a single basketball game due to an enigmatic knee injury. Ball has never quite opened up about his mindset during the process, until now.

During an episode of Lonzo Ball's The WAE Show podcast, Ball revealed what's been going through his mind as he's spent the last two years trying to rehab his knee injury.

"After the injury, talking to the doctors and finally getting what it was when they told me that it was going to be pretty much a year and a half recovery, that sounds pretty crazy," Ball said. "But at the same time, I knew that if I wanted to keep playing basketball, that was what had to be done. For that whole time I'd just been listening to them for the most part. Just taking it step by step and not trying to look too far ahead."

What's helped Lonzo Ball more than anything throughout the process is understanding the big picture of everything. Not being able to play basketball may be difficult, but it's not as big of a problem as having a life-threatening health problem.

"Appreciating the small things like, you know, we got a good friend, Eli, that's going through a lot right now," Ball said. "Much different than, you know, what I'm dealing with. So, I try to keep things in perspective. Always know that there's a higher power up there looking over us and I'm just trusting in him. Not even hoping for the best, but putting myself in a best position to be the best."

With how vocal Ball has been about his injury recently, it really does feel like this will be the season tht Lonzo Ball returns. Only time will tell.

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