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For all, playing against or with Michael Jordan was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that's what Casey Jacobsen experienced as he shared the court with the game's greatest at one point during his college days.

Don't reach, young blood

The former NBA player recalled playing an unbelievable five-on-five pickup game with the Chicago Bulls legend when he was invited to instruct at the Michael Jordan Flight School in Santa Barbara, California, in 2000.

Playing with his childhood idol was fun and games initially for Jacobsen until MJ dropped a sizzling trash talk when he attempted to defend him.

"Even though it was for only one play, I was guarding Michael Jordan," Jacobsen recalled. "My next thought to myself was, 'Don't embarrass yourself in front of your idol!' MJ didn't have the ball at the time, but I knew that it was only a matter of time before he would. He cut to the top of the key at the three-point line and received a pass from Darius Miles.

"This was it! My moment. It was me versus him, one-on-one. Jordan squared me up to the basket, palming the ball in one hand like he always did (he has HUGE hands). He then stopped for a second and looked at me, saying: 'You know… No white boy has ever been able to stop me before,'" Casey added.

A mesmerizing play with the GOAT

From there, Casey took advantage of both a wonderful opportunity and Michael's harsh criticism. And, despite the tremendous trash talk he received as a tiny, 19-year-old white boy, he couldn't be happier to have his own priceless MJ moment, one he'll always proudly remember.

"I couldn't believe it. MJ was talking trash to me!" Jacobsen stated. "I fought off a smile, and before I could muster another thought, he had taken a dribble to his left and pulled up for a jump shot. I did all I could to stay in front of him and put a hand in his face. Luckily, he missed the shot.”

He added: "I ran down the court asking myself if that encounter really happened. It did, and it was awesome.”