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Still no timetable for the return of Thunder wing Andre Roberson

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The Oklahoma City Thunder are 30-18 and currently the third seed in the NBA's Western Conference, but it looks like they might not be getting back one of their wing players.

Thunder head coach Billy Donovan said that Andre Roberson is still on the shelf with a ruptured patellar tendon, and that there's 'no timetable' for his return to the lineup.

Roberson has mostly been an afterthought for the Thunder, as he's now been out over a year, since January of 2018.

It came out in October that Roberson had a setback in his rehab, and then he had another setback in November, as he had discomfort after a jump during a workout.

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At that time it came out he had a small avulsion fracture in his knee, which put him on the shelf even longer.

Last season Roberson played in 39 games, putting up 5.0 points per night, with 4.7 rebounds and 1.2 steals.

He contributed 26.6 minutes per game off the bench, and was solid shooting, as he hit 53.7 percent from the floor.

If the team is not going to get Roberson back, it will be interesting to see if the team looks to get a player by the deadline, as while he's not a huge scoring presence, Roberson is a solid defensive player that has value - if he is healthy.