Love on where he was picked in All-Star draft: 'Probably dead last'

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Even during "the darkness" (according to DwyaneWade) in which the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves, KevinLove has managed to keep his sense of humor.

That was clearly evident during the team's shootaround Friday at Cleveland Clinic Courts in Independence leading up to the game against the Indiana Pacers. Love was asked if he knew where he was picked on Thursday night in the playground-style selection process for the NBA All-Star Game.

"Where was I picked? I don't know. Probably dead last," Love said with a laugh. "I'm the guy in the pickup game where during the summer it's like, 'OK, he's a big guy that can shoot. Guess I will take him.' I'm not going to do the between-the-legs dunks, windmills, but I'm going to be getting those rebounds and outletting the ball. I guess I add some value with that. I know Russ (Westbrook) will like it."

Hearing Love having some fun at his own expense, LeBronJames also laughed.

"Kev would say that," James said.

The process in which James and fellow captain StephenCurry picked their teams has drawn much praise. It was not, however, without drama, as is pretty much the case with anything associated with the big names in the league.

RussellWestbrook, one of the reserves on Team LeBron, thought he was the last pick in the draft after seeing a list of the players for each team.

Believing he was the last pick, an agitated Westbrook went out and put 46 points on the Washington Wizards on Thursday night.

One problem -- the list was alphabetical.

James had some fun with the situation.

"I heard from Russ," James said. "Not like on the phone, but I reached out to him afterwards. Like, 'What's wrong with you, man?' We've got a good relationship, so it's pretty cool. He's crazy."

The draft was not televised, which is expected to change next year.

"I think it should be televised," Love said. "I know I just joked about being the last pick, but even if you are, you're still an All-Star, playing in the game, going to get your shot. It's fun. It's all part of it. I think it should definitely be televised. It kind of adds to the game, adds to the value, adds to the viewership and overall fun for the fans and that's what it's all about."

James revealed he and Curry will not be eligible to be captains next season. James said even if he again receives the most votes in balloting, the role of captain will go to the player with the second-most votes.

Love said it will be fun to play with former UCLA buddy Westbrook and former Cavaliers teammate KyrieIrving again.

"I tweeted out the other day that it would have been cool to play with a childhood friend in Klay (Thompson). Someone who I used to be over at his house, with his dad teaching me post moves, but I got a couple former teammates in Kyrie and, as I put on Instagram yesterday, Russell Westbrook," Love said. "It's a helluva team that both guys put together, but gotta say our starting lineup would probably go 82-0. That's a heck of a team right there. A lot of size throughout the entire lineup. Pretty cool."

While he will not have an opportunity to play with Thompson, Love said he will not be making any trade demands.

"No, no, no," Love said, laughing. "That was all surface level and myself going way back with their family and growing up in Portland together that was...we've got that Little League Baseball photo together.

"My dad used to take photos all the time so pictures of us growing up and playing in the backyard, my backyard, so it's fun."