Third team added to Cavs' pursuit of Hill

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While the GeorgeHill-to-the-Cleveland Cavaliers trade talks have reportedly been stymied the last couple of days, the Sacramento Kings have apparently reached out to another team to help facilitate sending Hill to Cleveland.

According to a report by Mike Fisher of, Sacramento has connected with the Dallas Mavericks in an effort to help bring the rumored deal to fruition.

With the Mavericks reportedly brought into the discussions, it could result in the Cavaliers having to give up less than the rumored package -- ChanningFrye, ImanShumpert and possibly DerrickRose and a future second-round draft pick -- to acquire the 31-year-old Hill.

What would Dallas want from Sacramento to help make rumor become reality?

Fisher explained:

"The Mavs' price of poker to get involved in a George Hill three-way trade? I'm told the Kings' second-round pick -- which at this moment would be the first pick of the second round and the No. 31 pick overall -- would be considered a ‘get’ by Dallas."

Fisher also wrote about what Sacramento would not want back in a deal for Hill.

"What does Sacto really want here? Obviously, they're not in love with Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye, the sort of players who Cleveland is dangling. (And exactly the sort of players the Cavs would dangle at Dallas now ... and dangled at Dallas a year ago in the DeronWilliams talks.)”

The Cavs and Kings are said to be determined to pull off the Hill trade -- and in the Cavs' case, it is likely to be just one of multiple attempted moves prior to the Feb. 8 trade deadline. The Cavs could also be active in the post-deadline buyout frenzy, depending on the deals made beforehand.