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Speaking after Thursday's practice at the Auerbach Center, Boston Celtics president of basketball operations, Brad Stevens, shared that he has the "green light" from ownership to continue to add to the team's payroll.

While they're one of five franchises over the second apron, investing $187.3 million in salary cap allocations, per Spotrac, that's no surprise, considering ownership's willingness to put its money where its mouth is.


As the Celtics, who boast what's widely considered the most-talented top six in the NBA, and at 26-7, have the league's best record, look to boost their championship odds, the problem is they face restrictions beyond ownership's control.

They're not about to shake up their top six, and it's unlikely they will part with Payton Pritchard or Sam Hauser, either.

They have their first-round picks from 2024-2027 and three second-round selections in the upcoming draft to help facilitate a trade. But as far as making the math work in a potential deal, their most valuable tool is a $6.2 million Grant Williams Traded Player Exception (TPE).

However, while Stevens confirmed he has ownership's blessing to utilize that, the challenge is finding someone worth acquiring who fits within that TPE.

"That's a small number of people, a lot of the people that are in that were signed to minimums or smaller contracts or are on their rookie scale deals the teams aren't exactly excited to move on from yet. So, it's a very small group of people, but we're going to exhaust it. We're going to look at it. And again, I think it's about, ok, who can come in (and) have the self-awareness to add to the group and the talent to add to the group."

While it doesn't mean Boston won't make a move, it's looking inward for internal improvement more than a potential external addition to help its championship chase. 

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