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Adam Silver Reacts to James Harden and Damian Lillard Trade Requests

Silver spoke on Harden's LA Clippers trade request and Lillard's Miami Heat trade request
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In a press conference on Wednesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver took questions from reporters on a multitude of topics. While Silver mostly spoke on the NBA's new rules against star players resting, he was also asked about the trade requests of Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard and Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden.

"In terms of trade demands, of course don't like them," Silver said. "As a league, we want players and teams to honor their contracts. I'm watching both the situation in Portland and Philadelphia, and hope they get worked out to the satisfaction of everyone before the season starts. I'm glad that things seem to have settled down somewhat, at least in terms of public discourse."

As Silver mentioned, the NBA of course does not like trade demands. That said, the commissioner is pleased that some of the public discourse involved with both Harden's attempt to reach the LA Clippers, and Lillard's attempt to reach the Miami Heat, has quieted down.

Silver said he hopes these situations resolve themselves before the season starts, and that seems to be the desire of everyone involved. While the 76ers have shown a willingness to bring an unhappy Harden into camp, it would certainly be best for everyone involved to have that situation resolved before then.

For the Clippers and the Heat, they continue to be patient while the two unhappy stars attempt to reach their preferred destinations.

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