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Chris Paul enrolls in Winston-Salem State University, and helps HBCU students vote

CP3 is providing transportation to students that want to vote

This is the most important election in modern American history, and Chris Paul wants to make sure students vote.

Chris Paul has formally enrolled in Winston-Salem State University and plans on taking classes during this off-season. Throughout the entire NBA restart, Paul has been a main voice in making sure the black community has a voice. Even after his time in the bubble, Paul is making sure his presence is felt.

"We are providing transportation to HBCU students to get the polls so we are working on that now," Paul said in an interview on 'First Take'.

For those who may not know, HBCU stands for Historically black colleges and universities. The exact schools hasn't been listed yet, but the fact that Chris Paul is doing this is a tremendous step. The younger generation's vote is key towards making a difference, and Paul wants to make sure that difference is made.

NBA players are committed to making a legitimate change more than ever. As president of the NBPA, Chris Paul is setting a fantastic example for other players. People were worried that players would lose their platform as soon as they stopped playing in the bubble, and Paul is making sure that isn't the case.

The biggest catalyst for all of this is LeBron James. If it weren't for LeBron, players wouldn't use their voices in the way that they are now. The NBA is a trickle-down league; Chris Paul and LeBron James are setting the best human examples of how to be an athlete that positively impacts the world.