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Sources: Clippers Players Shocked at Montrezl Harrell Signing with Lakers

Montrezl Harrell shocked the Clippers by signing with the Lakers

No one expected Montrezl Harrell to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, not even players on the Clippers.

Sources told Sports Illustrated that no Clippers player foresaw Montrezl Harell signing with the Lakers. That statement was coupled with Patrick Beverley's initial reaction to seeing Trez sign with the cross-hallway rivals.

There was fan speculation that Harrell may sign with the Raptors after he supposedly followed them on Instagram. Most people thought Harrell would try securing a big deal after becoming Sixth Man of the Year. However, he ultimately signed with the Lakers for a two-year, $19 million deal. It's far less than what people expected, but Harrell also lowered his value tremendously during his playoff performance.

The Lakers and Clippers already had a very interesting dynamic with each other. Both teams claimed that they didn't have a rivalry with each other, but both teams incessantly talked trash on each other. The signing of Montrezl Harrell will certainly add a whole new layer to the rivalry. Patrick Beverley says he's happy for Harrell, but while they're all happy for him, the team is certainly shocked at his decision to join their rivals.

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The Clippers have been very quiet so far during free agency. While some people expect the team to make a very big move, they could also just do some fine-tuning. The team was already the second favorite to win the 2021 NBA Championship and was already a top 5 team on both ends of the floor. Regardless, everyone else in the league is getting better, and the Clippers will need to do the same.