Ty Lue to Implement Triangle Offense Sets and use Kawhi Leonard like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Kawhi Leonard will run plays like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
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Kawhi Leonard has often been compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and now he'll run plays just like them.

Clippers head coach Ty Lue mentioned during today's media session that he'll employ triangle offense sets for Kawhi Leonard, and use him similar to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. 

“We have put in two or three sets of the triangle and let Kawhi play in those spaces where Kobe and Jordan played in those spots as well,” said Lue. "He loves those two players and he really respects and looks up to those guys. So, we just try to put him in position. I was able to play with both those guys and I also played in the triangle, so just trying to teach him that as well."

Leonard trained with Kobe Bryant last offseason and patterned so much of his game from both Bryant and Jordan. For him, this is most likely a step in a direction he already wanted. There isn't a better person besides Phil Jackson to teach these sets to Leonard because Lue played with Kobe Bryant on the Lakers and Michael Jordan on the Wizards.

The most fortunate thing for Lue is that he was there firsthand for Doc Rivers' run with the LA Clippers. He had the chance to witness everything that went wrong, and everything that needs improvement. Lue has the unique opportunity to avoid the test run portion with a team and already has chemistry with all of the players. 

The biggest fear going into this season is that the Clippers may be trying to do too much. They have a new offense, a new defense, a new starting lineup, and a new bench. They were one-quarter of basketball away against the Denver Nuggets from not needing this massive overhaul, and honestly one simple adjustment of having better defense on Nikola Jokic. There isn't much time this season for the Clippers to implement all of this, they need to move fast. Unfortunately for the Clippers, their first test begins against the defending champions.