Danny Green says 'Basketball Gods' humbled LA Clippers

Green believes the Clippers talked too much trash
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Danny Green is never shy when it comes to speaking about the LA Clippers. 

As a defending champion, Green has all the right in the world to speak about his hallway rival. He believes the Clippers talked too much trash this season, and that the basketball gods humbled them.

Green spoke on the Real Ones Podcast with Raja Bell and Logan Murdock to talk about why the Clippers collapsed.

“I think the basketball Gods will humble you if you don’t play the game the right way or do the right thing,' Green said. “I mean, a lot of people say speak things into existence - which is cool I like that, you shouldn’t be as cocky or because a lot of times it’s going to go the opposite way, you know. Someway somehow, you know, things ironically it’s gonna turn out the way opposite of you talking sh*t."

While the Clippers talked a plethora of trash talk, so did the Lakers. For every instance of Patrick Beverley being an agitator, there was also instances of Dwight Howard being that same agitator. For the instances of the Clippers bench talking trash, there were far more instances of the Lakers bench talking trash. LeBron James openly posted on Instagram about how excited he was to destroy his competition. The only difference is that the Lakers handled their business all season and won the championship.

The Clippers definitely talked too much trash, and it contributed to the team losing, but it wasn't the main reason why they lost. Personally, I believe if Marcus Morris doesn't talk trash to Paul Millsap in Game 5, then the Clippers beat the Nuggets in five games. However, there were still two other games to play after that. 

The Clippers collapsed against the Nuggets because of poor rotations, missed shots, and a lack of continuity. The pressure got too hot after bad defensive rotations, and the team choked. It wasn't about the "basketball gods", or team chemistry, or any other non-data driven narrative that anyone wants to write.