Sources have revealed to AllClippers that Kawhi Leonard is dealing with an ACL sprain and that he will likely miss the rest of the series against the Utah Jazz.

Leonard's last 48 hours have been a rollercoaster, to say the least. After defeating the Utah Jazz in Game 4 on Monday, Leonard told reporters that he was "all good" in regards to sitting out the final minutes of Game 4 because of a knee collision after Joe Ingles fouled him. AllClippers reached out to sources who confirmed that Leonard also told teammates that he was "all good." His statement to the media wasn't just a front, Kawhi actually believed that he was all good.

Kawhi then traveled with the Clippers to Utah, where he was expected to play in Game 5 - he was not listed on the injury report. On Tuesday night, sources told AllClippers that Leonard revealed to teammates that he suffered an ACL sprain and was expecting to miss the rest of the Jazz series. On Wednesday morning, the news leaked and the Clippers revealed that Kawhi Leonard would be out of Game 5. By that time, Leonard already went back home to Los Angeles.

Ty Lue says that the Clippers are "optimistic" about Kawhi Leonard's injury and that they'll know more within the next 48 hours. From the looks of things, Leonard received an MRI that was inconclusive, and needs more time for a clearer result. As of right now, Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers are hopeful that it's just an ACL sprain. The MRI can reveal more within the next couple of days, and that'll likely determine how long Kawhi Leonard will be out for.

The Clippers are one win away from their first Conference Finals appearance in franchise history, and they'll need to do it without Kawhi Leonard.