Jared Dudley and Lakers laughed at Clippers' collapse

Farbod Esnaashari

When the LA Clippers collapsed, the entire NBA world was shocked, even the Lakers. In the instance of the Lakers though, their shock turned into laughter. 

Jared Dudley was a guest on "The Bill Simmons Podcast", where he discussed the Lakers' reaction to the Clippers' collapse against the Denver Nuggets.

“We were laughing," Dudley said. "We were laughing. We were laughing in the sense like ‘I can’t believe it.’ I picked them to win game seven, there was no way I thought they were going to lose. Our whole mind was, ‘We got to beat the Clippers. We want the Clippers.’ They wanted us. It was the trash-talking that happened...We’re seeing all these billboards up here. So when we go to practice every day there’s a Kawhi billboard. We see this billboard every single day. It’s right there."

The entire NBA world wanted to see the Clippers vs the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. For the most part, everyone felt like it was destined to happen. There was no way either counterpart wouldn't reach the Conference Finals because both teams were just so good. The entire season it felt like there was a clear gap between the Lakers, Clippers, Bucks, and the rest of the league. 

Yet somehow, someway, the Clippers figured out a way to collapse in the exact same way that they did in 2015 - literally the exact same way, 19 point lead in Game 6 and everything. 

The Clippers and their fans will have to spend the duration of the 2020 offseason as the butt of the joke. They'll have to hear every single punch line from Laker fans because the Lakers won. The Bucks underperformed even harder than the Clippers, but that doesn't matter because the Lakers won and their hostility is towards the Clippers. 

If there's a silver lining to all of this, it's that it'll hopefully motivate the Clippers to have a monstrous 2021 NBA season.