Kawhi Leonard says the NBA hiatus 'really helped' Paul George

Farbod Esnaashari

It's only been two games, but Paul George looks great. George mentioned that he was able to finally finish rehabbing his shoulder during the NBA hiatus, and it shows. In two games, Paul George has averaged: 29 PPG on 55.9% FG, and 63.6% from deep.

The NBA world is taking notice, and so have George's teammates, specifically Kawhi Leonard.

"I think he's just feeling healthy," Kawhi Leonard said. "You know what I mean? I think that break really helped him. He missed the first 20 games this regular season before the little hiatus. I think he's just healthy now."

Not only does that health include the ability to shoot better, but the ability to play more physical. At the beginning of the season, George had mentioned he was a bit fearful of bumping into people with his shoulder. Now, Kawhi Leonard has noticed that fear is completely gone for George.

"He's feeling good with that shoulder," Leonard said. "Being able to bump guys, do crossovers, be able to get his shot off."

If the Clippers are going to win the NBA championship, they're going to need Paul George to play like Paul George. While he hasn't been a bad player at all, he hasn't been what he was the last two years. Just last year, George finished third in MVP voting, and that's the player the Clippers will need.

Despite the improvement, George is still critical of his play, because of the fact that he's hitting more from three than from two. Last game against the Pelicans, George had 28 points without hitting a single two-point field goal. 

"It's weird because I can't make nothing else," George said. "The threes are the only thing that are dropping. In a way, I'm in a rhythm, but I'm not in a rhythm because I can't find the ball in between the three-point line."

Whether its the two-point shot falling or the three-point shot falling, Paul George looks great - that only spells good things for the Clippers.