Kawhi Leonard isn't giving up on Paul George: 'His time is coming'

Kawhi still has faith in Paul George
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Paul George is massively struggling in the NBA playoffs, but Kawhi Leonard isn't giving up on him.

Paul George hasn't looked like himself through the playoffs. He looked fantastic in Game 1, but regressed into something entirely different throughout Games 2-4. George's shooting averages through Games 2-4 are: 10/47 FGs, 4/25 3PT, 34 PTS. The Clippers could have possibly had this series against the Mavericks in the bag if George shot at his normal percentage. Despite the concerns, Kawhi Leonard still believes in his partner.

George isn't shooting difficult shots. For the most part, a lot of his looks are wide open, and they just aren't falling. While he may say it isn't a problem of confidence, three straight games of missed easy shots, looks like a confidence issue. Kawhi still believes the shots will end up falling.

"He had some easy looks tonight," Leonard said. "Everybody did, but it's not his fault. We were up big in the second quarter and I think everybody has a part in winning the basketball game."

Most great players are expected to play above their regular season averages when the playoffs arrive. George isn't doing that right now and is playing far below any of his career averages. Whatever happens in this series, Kawhi Leonard hand-picked having Paul George as his running partner. Clipper fans can only hope that George's play can only go up from here, and that Kawhi's faith will be rewarded.