Kevin Durant Explains Why Clippers Collapsed to Nuggets

Farbod Esnaashari

Kevin Durant was confident that the LA Clippers would win the 2020 NBA Championship. Much like everyone else, he was shocked when the Clippers collapsed in an epic fashion.

Durant spoke on The Joe Budden Podcast to discuss why he believed the Clippers blew their 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets.

When it comes to a specific reason as to why the Clippers lost, Durant believes it started on the defensive end. The Clippers somehow kept blowing double digit leads in Games 5-7, where they led by 16, 19, and 12 points respectively. Their defense would collapse in the fourth quarter numerous times, where they allowed the Nuggets to shoot 7/9 from deep.

Personally speaking, the Clippers had issues on both the offensive and defensive ends. In Game 6 against the Nuggets, Paul George went cold from the mid-range. Every single jumper he took resulted in the Nuggets penetrating in transition, and getting free throws. Bad offense was leading into bad defense. It didn't help that the Clippers would allow Montrezl Harrell to guard Nikola Jokic, which almost always resulted in a basket for Jokic.

Durant doesn't believe Kawhi Leonard and Paul George don't like each other. There was a reason Kawhi handpicked wanting to play with George. Expect to see countless reports throughout this offseason about their chemistry.